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Noble soil on the banks of the Duero, exposed to the morning sun and the cold nights. Dry summers and harsh winters make for slow ripening of the grape. Bodegas Sire is a young business attending to centuries-old grapevines.

Traditional techniques with a modern approach - Sire represents respect for the grape and modernity in the design and labelling of its bottles. Present and past combine to form a unique future. Wines made to delight, from the roots and buds that make shoots, stems and bunches. Serious wines with ample and succulent bouquets. Wines for the demanding palate, for those who know the value of toil, and appreciate the beauty of unforgettable moments. Sire is the silent witness, it stands for craftsmanship and design. It is the fruit of each of the grapevines that populate the plains on the banks of the Duero. Peñafiel for its reds, Rueda for the whites highlight the place and name of four exceptional wines..

Sire wines reflect the enterprise and confidence of a fine, high-quality product – versatile yet affordable. Sire and Joe&Biancorosso Distributions are part of that chain of emotions where time itself makes the rules.
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Sire Winery

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